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Fire Engineering


Probiz offers turnkey solutions of Fire Protection & Safety Works for industrial, commercial & residential market segments. As a leading organization, we are technology driven at our core with an overriding commitment to quality and our primary measure of success is customer’s satisfaction.

A serious fire can have a devastating effect on an organization. Lives are placed at risk and physical property can take months to rebuild. For many companies, the business never fully recovers.

Probiz has been protecting lives, property and companies through comprehensive fire protection solutions – ranging from engineering advice and risk analysis to certification and fire training – across the commercial, industrial, private and public sectors.

FIRE-PROTECTION-ENGINEERING-SOLUTIONSWe have been working closely with leading engineering consultants, architects and major users and additionally conducting seminars and educational programs to highlight the latest available technology and solutions in the field. We believe in rendering Total Service & Solution to the customers in the field of Fire Protection and represent the leading organizations in market.

Probiz tailors fire protection solutions to address your specific needs, no matter what the size of your business. We are supremely flexible because we know those needs are as diverse as the businesses of every one of our customers.

Before installing a new fire protection system, we carefully analyze your needs and intended purpose. We meet the relevant personnel in your organization to become thoroughly acquainted with your requirements. Once your objectives have been discussed, prioritized and documented, our design team will develop an appropriate fire protection solution.

We offer a wide range of systems including:

  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Gaseous
  • Water Spray Deluge
  • Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression


To simplify and streamline the process, we assign installation teams who will work with you from initial discussions through to testing of the finished product. No matter how big or small, complex or straightforward your installation requirements are, we are ready to meet them.

Our work is fully tested and is guaranteed with a full parts and installation warranty. And of course, all our solutions are designed to comply with all relevant Standards, codes, and legislative requirements, including environmental, health and safety.


Before installing a new fire protection system, we will survey your facility and analyze the facility’s composition and purpose. Once the specific requirements have been determined to suit the individual needs of the facility, our engineers will plan and deliver a fire protection solution tailor made for you.

In order to meet our customer’s criteria, our team can design tailored solutions that draw on both their own knowledge and experience or extend to our resource base for the right solutions.


Over the past 3 years, our specialized installation teams have delivered many successful fire protection solutions, including automatic sprinklers, heat detection and smoke alarms, emergency warning and evacuation systems, deluge systems, water spray and mist systems, gas and foam suppression systems and more.

The Probiz Installations team is committed to meeting the individual needs of our clients through quality service and installations that’s both innovative and best in class. We are proud to work in a variety of large and small, private and public sectors


After installation, Probiz can provide a performance report on your fire protection system. This includes testing the equipment and confirming that it is compliant with relevant Standards and legislation. We can also provide upgrades and enhancements for your existing systems if needed.

The Probiz Servicing teams are specialists in testing, maintaining and repairing fire protection systems after installation or during building refurbishment.

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