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Based on inductive loop technology, we have solutions with superior technology for vehicle identification systems to identify the vehicles at any high speed without any performance irregularities. This can be integrated with any access control systems and physical control equipments such as barriers. This solution definitely resolves the heavy traffic gate access systems for RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIES segments. We have long range RFID tagging systems which can be used even 10 m to 12 m read range with semi-passive tags.


Ne dap AVI is active in a wide area of market segments such as: airports, railway, transport, parking, petrochemical, traffic and security. All these segments require highly innovative solutions meeting their challenging demands to control vehicle or driver activity. Our dedication to and expertise in the market makes our ability to keep up with the pace of change in mobility.

We design, develop and sell solutions related vehicle identification, driver identification, parking access, vehicle detection, vehicle gate management and hands free building access.

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